Guitar and amplifier repairs
Guitar and amplifier repairs

Kickaxe Guitars has qualified guitar and electronics techs available onsite for guitar and amp repairs.

Whether it’s changing the action and intonation on your guitar or changing the tubes in your amp, we can identify and resolve almost anything that ails your axe or your amp – from restrings and setups to fret work, nut and bridge replacements; from vacuum tube service and circuitry repair to system analysis and custom modifications – call for an appointment or bring in your gear for a free estimate.

Guitar and amplifier repairs

Guitar Tech - Jay Kee

Born and raised in Alberta, Jay has lived most of his life in Calgary and has been playing and working on guitars for the better part of 40 years. He obtained his Guitar Repair Certification from the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair in Qualicum Bay, BC in 2004 and has been handling all guitar repair work for Kickaxe Guitars since it opened.

Electronics Tech - Nikk Orritt

Born and raised in Calgary, Nikk has been a musician for 40 years and a sound technician for 35 years. He began his technical career repairing guitar cables for his father, and performed his first sound gig in his first band 35 years ago. Nikk is a SAIT-trained electronics technologist, graduating in 1986 with a Broadcast Discipline, and has also undertaken additional training at Nortel, where he achieved SMT and through-hole certification. He formed Nkkrrtt Consulting in 1990 following a stint working abroad in New Dehli, India. Currently, Nikk specializes in tube amp repairs and restorations.

Nikk in the shop
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